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About the meeting

On 14 February 2023, the Advisory Committee Egypt represented by Dr. Ali Abo Sena (CEO of EEAA, Ministry of Environment),  Dr. Mohamed Salheen (Chairperson Integrated Development Group and local country partner), and Katja Eisbrenner (Project Director of the Cool Up programme and Director at Guidehouse), held a meeting along with the Coordination Committee Egypt.

The Coordination Committee included stakeholders from the Ministry of Environment representing the different divisions of EEAA including the National Ozone Unit represented by Dr. Ezzat Lewis (Head of NOU, and Climate Change Unit). At this meeting, Cool Up presented its activities and outcomes from the previous year, as well as its planned activities for 2023.

During the meeting ongoing coordination efforts were discussed as well as priorities for the upcoming year at the national level. The committee showed great interest, provided feedback, and raised numerous questions. The Cool Up programme was recognized as an important project in furthering sustainable cooling in Egypt.