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On 26 June 2023, Cool Up expert Dr. Andreas Hermelink gave a keynote speech, “The rise of natural refrigerants in future-proof cooling solutions,” which introduced the Cool Up programme as a holistic approach to sustainable cooling that promotes the use of natural refrigerants. The keynote explored opportunities for implementing natural refrigerants in the Middle East, North Africa, and Türkiye, potential financial incentives and benefits, policy updates in National Cooling Action Plans (NCAPs) and other strategies, and emphasised the global recognition of natural refrigerants as a priority on the world agenda. Recognising the importance of bringing together the Montreal Protocol (MOP) and Conference of Parties (COP) communities to foster collaboration and leverage synergies, this keynote highlighted the multiple entry points for industry professionals to contribute to the adoption of natural refrigerants and drive the transition towards sustainable cooling across among stakeholders in technology, policy and finance. Overall, the audience discovered the multi-dimensional benefits and opportunities for industry professionals and engineers to take the lead in embracing natural refrigerants and actively participate in the transition to sustainable cooling practices. By doing so, they can position themselves as frontrunners in the industry and contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future.