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During the meeting, participants stressed the vital role of collaboration and coordination among stakeholders in the sustainable refrigeration and air conditioning sector. They underscored the necessity for well-trained technicians proficient in handling sustainable technologies and natural refrigerants to facilitate a secure transition toward sustainable cooling. Financial incentives were identified as crucial, particularly for large industrial and commercial systems.

Panellist of the presentation on “Sustainable Cooling Solutions as part of Green Finance” included:

  • Mohammad Amaireh, Executive Manager of the Financial Stability department, Central Bank of Jordan
  • Fadi N. Khalil, Head of Corporate Business, Jordan Kuwait Bank
  • Hisham Shatarat, Policy and Communications Manager, Association of Banks
  • Eng Lina Al Mobaideen, Head of Project Development Department, JREEEF

Panellist of the presentation on “Empowering the future of cooling: Capacity Building and Certification Schemes in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning” included:

  • Fadia Abd Al Ghani, Head of Engineering industries division
  • Jamal Al Khader, Curricula and Program Coordinator, Vocational Training Center
  • Amina Mari, Founder CEO of MEHNA, Board member “ Careers of Gold”.
  • Ahmad Arabiat, Senior Research and Development Engineer, PETRA Industries.
  • Dr. Hazem Shakhatreh, Technical and Vocational Skills Development Commission

Moreover, stakeholders provided valuable input on future agenda items for upcoming Thematic Group Meetings. The Cool Up team pledged to consider this feedback when planning their future project activities.