Action hubs


Policy and regulation thematic group meeting

The Jordanian policy and regulation thematic group meeting with public sector stakeholders took place on 25 October with 52 participants. Dr. Mohamed Khashashneh, Secretary General of the Jordanian Ministry of Environment offered welcoming remarks. Rowaida Al Ajaleen of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources was in attendance as well as Maen Ayasrah, Head of the Energy and Environmental Sustainability Unit at the Jordan Chamber of Industry. Stakeholders were engaged in learning about the Cool Up programme and look forward to the next round of exchange.

Technology and markets thematic group meeting

The Jordanian technology and markets thematic group meeting took place online and in-person at the Royal Scientific Society on 26 October with 53 participants. Many key market players were represented, and participants heard closing remarks from Dr. Mohamed Khashashneh. The meeting was also attended by, for example, the Head of Engineering Industries at the Jordan Standardisation and Meteorological Organisation (JSMO). Participants were engaged and interested in Cool Up’s progress thus far and were curious to learn about Cool Up’s activities in their respective sectors.

Stay tuned

The next round of thematic group meetings is anticipated to take place in the first quarter of 2022 and will focus on obtaining input from public and private sector stakeholders on several Cool Up programme activities including an analysis of the regulatory landscape, policy recommendations, an assessment of the financial market, and a draft catalogue of sustainable cooling technologies.