Action hubs


Policy and regulation thematic group meeting

The policy and regulation thematic group meeting was held virtually on 23 March and brought together 61 stakeholders, primarily from the public sector. The meeting kicked off with welcoming remarks from RSS, NOU, and Guidehouse. Stakeholders were enthusiastic to learn more about the Cool Up programme and are looking forward to the next round of discussions.

Technology and markets thematic group meeting

The thematic group meeting for industry and finance sector stakeholders was held virtually on 24 March with 55 participants, including many key market players. Abdin Industrial and Petra Engineering Industries shared their insights concerning the transition to natural refrigerants and recommended actions to accelerate the uptake of sustainable cooling technologies. Participants were engaged and interested in Cool Up’s approach and were eager to hear about the programme’s efforts in their particular industries.

Stay tuned

The next round of thematic group meetings in Jordan tentatively scheduled for September will focus primarily on capacity building to introduce and dive into the topic of natural refrigerants. The upcoming meetings will also gather insights from public and private sector stakeholders on the main challenges and opportunities to boost the new, sustainable technologies.