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Question: How will language proficiency be considered in the evaluation process, and is it for translation purposes or active language usage?

Response: We collaborate with Turkish and Arab speaking stakeholders, and require access to professional translation by the provider but active working language is not required.


Question: Could you please clarify if you are open to offers of consortia that cover the required regional scope?

Response: Yes we are open to consortia or sub-contractors to lead the party if specified in the proposal how this would cover the required scope.


Question: Do you already know the location of the planned Regional Conference?

Response: It is likely that the conference will take place in one of the Cool Up country partner countries, depending on the geopolitical context.


Question: Does Guidehouse expect a methodology for all communication services as listed in the tender?

Response: Guidehouse does not expect applicants to provide a methodology for each communication service listed in the tender. Rather, we are interested in seeing that the company possesses the requisite skill set to deliver the required services promptly when requested. Given the nature of the framework contract, its not yet clear which specific activities of the communication services listed in the tender will be requested. The framework contract is designed to offer flexibility in fulfilling call-offs as needed.