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Heat pumps are a promising sustainable solution to combat climate change when utilizing them with renewable energy sources to keep homes and workplaces cool and warm by harnessing heat energy from the air, soil, and water. Participants of the training learned about the increasing demand of heat pumps, the environmental and economic advantages of heat pump applications, and their significance in the cooling sector.

During the presentations, Türkiye’s role as an exporter, its production capacity, and its needs were discussed by manufacturer associations. Another session focused on good practices, the availability of natural-based alternatives, and their contribution to climate action. The meeting aimed to facilitate the knowledge transfer among key stakeholders and convey a high-level understanding of the political and regulatory framework behind heat pumps.

If you are a technician dealing with cooling in one of our Cool Up partner countries Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, or Türkiye and want to be involved in one of our upcoming trainings, please reach out to us at