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The two-day trainings discussed challenges and how to safely use natural refrigerants in the RAC sector in Egypt. Additionally, the importance of technicians’ role in preserving the environment and reducing waste energy by using refrigeration equipment that operates with other refrigerant media was emphasized. The discussions aimed to create awareness among technicians about these important issues.

The first day focused on following topics:

  • Introduction to the Montreal Protocol, Kigali Amendment and Cool Up programme
  • Types of refrigerants, their uses, their environmental and thermal characteristics
  • Suffocation, toxicity, and flammability of various media
  • Safely handling of natural refrigerants
  • Retrieval and leak detection tools
  • Analysis of cooling media

The second day included following practical topics:

  • Equipment and safety in the laboratory
  • Identifying and using different devices
  • Safely preparing the workplace before and while dealing with natural refrigerants
  • Leak detection, recovering charge and discharge on devices
  • Refrigeration and air conditioning circuits
  • Applying lokring operations

If you are a technician dealing with cooling in one of our partner countries and want to be involved in one of our upcoming trainings, please reach out to us at