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This report on the Technical Solutions for Sustainable Cooling in Lebanon of the Cool Up programme provides information about options for sustainable cooling in Lebanon. The report addresses stakeholders from different sectors, such as policy makers and financing bodies but it also addresses planners, manufacturers, and everyone who is interested. The key intention is to facilitate the uptake of sustainable cooling in Lebanon with a specific focus on air conditioning and commercial refrigeration.

The analysis includes information on the following topics:

  • International cooling technology overview
  • Air conditioning & commercial refrigeration in Lebanon
  • National good practice examples in Lebanon
  • Suggestions for implementation of sustainable cooling in Lebanon

Catalogue of Technical Solutions for Sustainable Cooling in Lebanon

The lead author organisations

This Report on the Technical Solutions for Sustainable Cooling in Lebanon was prepared by Guidehouse and its partners the United Nations Development Programme and the Lebanese Center for Energy Conservation. It is the first of its kind to provide an overview of the current technical solutions for sustainable air conditioning and refrigeration in Lebanon. Based on this analysis, some key recommendations have been derived to support the preparation of the sustainable cooling solutions for Lebanon.



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Lead authors

Markus Offermann (Guidehouse)

Mads Giltrup, Selimcan Azizoglu (United Nations Development Programme)


Contributing authors

Alexander Pohl, Mustafa Abunofal (Guidehouse)

Mohammad Hammad (Lebanese Center for Energy Conservation)

Ronny Mai (Institute of Air Handling and Refrigeration Dresden)