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The Cool Up Cooling Sector Prospects Study Egypt aims at developing one current trend and three mitigation prospects with different alternatives for transition.

Its objectives include creating:

  • an understanding of possible sustainable development pathways for the air conditioning (AC) sector and the commercial refrigeration sector
  • the basis for the development of policy and finance measures

This study provides:

  • a basis of current and future stocks of AC and commercial refrigeration systems
  • emissions and final energy saving potentials in 2030, 2040 and 2050 as a result of mitigation prospects based on an increased uptake of sustainable and energy efficient applications compared to the current trend prospect
  • associated costs and potential cost savings

Cooling Sector Prospects Study Egypt

The lead author organisations

This report on the cooling sectors prospects in Egypt was prepared by the Integrated Development Group and Guidehouse. It is the first of its kind to provide an analysis of three different emissions mitigation prospects for the cooling sector in Egypt. Based on this analysis, some key opportunities have been derived for policy measures and the financing of sustainable cooling technologies in Egypt.


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Lead authors

Ahmed A. Hassan (Integrated Development Group)

Jan Grözinger, Nesen Surmeli-Anac, Mustafa Abunofal (Guidehouse)


Contributing authors

Norhan El Dallal (Integrated Development Group)

Felix Heydel (Öko-Recherche)

Markus Offermann (Guidehouse)