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This summary report provides an assessment of the finance sector in Egypt regarding the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (RAC) sector. The discussion covers the Country’s economic and financial overview, giving a broader perspective. The finance sector in Egypt comprises commercial banks (regulated by Central Bank of Egypt – CBE) and non-banking financial institutions (and Non-banking financial institutions (regulated by the Egyptian Financial Regulatory Authority – FRA), . The report provides a broad overview of green financing projects and infrastructure.

The project team evaluated various financing approaches and mechanisms for financing sustainable cooling solutions applicable to end-user groups – individual consumers and commercial and public sectors. Apart from the desktop research from the secondary sources of information, a few interviews have been used to gather the information from the primary sources.

Finance Market Assessment Egypt

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This Report on the Finance Market Assessment in Egypt was prepared the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management in cooperation with Guidehouse. It is the first of its kind to provide an overview of the finance landscape with reference to the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning sector. Based on this analysis, some key opportunities have been derived for financing of sustainable cooling technologies in Egypt.


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Lead authors

Sanjeev Tamhame (Frankfurt School of Finance and Management)

Zuhal Ürgüplü Sanal (Frankfurt School of Finance and Management)


Contributing authors

Alokananda Nath (Frankfurt School of Finance and Management)