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Regulatory Analysis Türkiye

Türkiye has progressed in meeting its commitments relevant to the Montreal Protocol, implementing several relevant programs, laws, and other policy instruments. The Regulatory Analysis of the Cool Up programme analysis policy instruments governing the refrigeration and air conditioning sector in Türkiye to identify the key strengths and opportunities towards phasing down hydrofluorocarbons, using natural refrigerants and reducing cooling demand.

Catalogue of Technical Solutions for Sustainable Cooling in Türkiye

This report on the Technical Solutions for Sustainable Cooling in Türkiye of the Cool Up programme provides information about options for sustainable cooling in Türkiye. The report addresses stakeholders from different sectors, such as policy makers and financing bodies but it also addresses planners, manufacturers, and everyone who is interested. The key intention is to facilitate the uptake of sustainable cooling in Türkiye with a specific focus on air conditioning and commercial refrigeration.

Thematic group meetings of Türkiye stakeholders in April 2022

On 26 and 27 April, Cool Up organised the second round of thematic group meetings in Türkiye with relevant stakeholders in the policy, technology, market, and finance spaces. The objectives of the online meetings were to collect feedback on proposed policy recommendations as well as share the experiences, challenges, and needs of stakeholders in realising the phase down of HFCs and transitioning to sustainable cooling technologies.

Industry and finance thematic group meetings of Türkiye

This thematic group meeting brought together relevant stakeholders and decision makers in the industry and finance space in Türkiye. The meeting aimed to capture the perspective of the industry and finance sectors and identify their needs, risks, challenges and best practices for the deployment of sustainable cooling technology investments in the financial services industry. Participants included manufacturers of cooling products and equipment an RAC sector associations, service technicians, installers, distributors, project developers, architects and engineers and representatives from financial institutions, among others.

Policy and regulation thematic group meetings for Türkiye

This thematic group meeting brought together relevant stakeholders and decision makers in the policy and regulatory space in Türkiye. Topics of discussion included programme updates, exchange of experiences, as well as discussion of policy recommendations and measures to achieve sustainable cooling. Participants included NOUs/Ministries for the Environment and other concerned ministries (e.g. Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Industry and Technology), competent authorities (e.g. for labelling and standardisation), municipalities/local authorities, and customs authorities, among others.