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Egypt has one of the highest electricity consumption growth rates in the world. Cooling is a substantial part of the country’s electricity demand and is expected to grow as average temperatures continue to rise. There is limited data and market studies on the current state of the cooling sector in Egypt. The Cooling Sector Status Report aims to rectify this on residential and non-residential air conditioning and commercial refrigeration. The report provides an overview of the cooling sector in Egypt by laying the foundation for understanding upscaling sustainable cooling technologies potential in the country and the use of natural refrigerants as an alternative to harmful synthetic refrigerants.

The report includes information on the following topics:

  • Country overview
  • Air conditioning market
  • Commercial refrigeration market
  • Refrigerant market
  • Cooling sector insights

Cooling Sector Status Report Egypt


of refrigerants used domestically in Egypt are imported


of all new apartment buildings are equipped with air conditioning systems in the residential sector


of the floor area in existing residential buildings is not air conditioned

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This Cooling Sector Status Report was prepared by Guidehouse and its national partner the Integrated Development Group Egypt. It is the first of its kind to provide an overview of the current state of the air conditioning and refrigeration market in Egypt. Through a targeted primary and secondary data analysis, the report addresses Egypt’s potential to develop a national natural refrigerant market that could reduce its dependency on imports.

"The market for cooling equipment is expected to grow. Therefore, introducing sustainable cooling technologies and natural refrigerants early as a direct replacement to prevent potential lock-in effects to harmful refrigerants is needed."

Jan Grözinger, Guidehouse


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Lead authors

Ahmed A. Hassan, Norhan El Dallal (Integrated Development Group)

Jan Grözinger, Nesen Surmeli-Anac (Guidehouse)


Contributing authors

Fatma El Khodragy, Bassem Badawy, Mai Adel (Integrated Development Group)

Sven Schimschar, Eslam Mohamed Mahdy Youssef, Katja Dinges, Andrea Dertinger, Alexander Pohl (Guidehouse)

Sanjeev Tamhane, Zuhal Ürgüplü Sanal (Frankfurt School of Finance and Management)

Mohamed Abdelhameed (Regional Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency)