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Lebanon has progressed in meeting its commitments relevant to the Montreal Protocol, implementing several relevant programs, laws, and other policy instruments. The Regulatory Analysis of the Cool Up programme analysis policy instruments governing the refrigeration and air conditioning  sector in Lebanon to identify key strengths and opportunities towards using natural refrigerants and reducing cooling demand.

The analysis includes information on the following topics:

  • Cooling market landscape in Lebanon
  • Regulatory analysis
  • National plans and strategies in Lebanon
  • Laws and national legislation in Lebanon
  • Policy recommendations

Regulatory Analysis Lebanon

The lead author organisations

This Regulatory Analysis was prepared by Guidehouse and its national partner the Lebanese Center for Energy Conservation. It is the first of its kind to provide an overview of the current regulatory state of air conditioning and refrigeration in Lebanon. Based on this analysis, some key policy recommendations have been derived to support the preparation of policy frameworks that guide the transition towards sustainable cooling and natural refrigerants use.


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Lead authors

Dr. Sorina Mortada, Hussein El Samra (Lebanese Center for Energy Conservation)

Eslam Mohamed Mahdy Youssef, Katja Dinges (Guidehouse)


Contributing authors

Barbara Gschrey, Felix Heydel (Öko-Recherche)