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20th European Conference: The Latest Technologies in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

The Cool Up team participated in the 20th European Conference held at the Centro Studi Gallileo in Milan from 08-09 June 2023. The conference brought together leading experts from various domains. UN agencies, HVAC-R associations, institutions, and representatives from the industry all converged under the auspices of the Italian Ministry for the Environment, showcasing a collective commitment to addressing the pressing challenges of sustainable cooling.

Launch of National Cooling Action Plan in Türkiye

The Vice-President of the Turkish Directorate of Climate Change, Dr. Abdulkadir Bektaş, announced the launch of the first Turkish National Cooling Action Plan (NCAP) in Ankara on 7 June 2023, at a Thematic Group Meeting hosted by the Cool Up Programme and attended by key national stakeholders from policy, industry, and academia.