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The Cool Up programme at the New York City Climate week (NYC Climate Week)

On the 19th of September Cool Up and UNDP organized a joint side event during the New York City Climate Week (NYC Climate Week) in the form of an evening reception to exchange on the topic “Cooling our Climate: Uniting for Action and Implementation”. The reception gathered experts from the private, public, and finance sectors in a concerted effort to address the critical challenges posed by climate change.

26th IIR International Congress of Refrigeration (ICR2023)

The IIR works towards efficient, controlled and smart refrigeration. Every four years, their congress brings together the scientific and technical experts of refrigeration from all over the world. Cool Up will present in the session, "Empowering Women in Cooling and Refrigeration," which will highlight the role of women in sustainable cooling in different world regions.

20th European Conference: The Latest Technologies in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

The Cool Up team participated in the 20th European Conference held at the Centro Studi Gallileo in Milan from 08-09 June 2023. The conference brought together leading experts from various domains. UN agencies, HVAC-R associations, institutions, and representatives from the industry all converged under the auspices of the Italian Ministry for the Environment, showcasing a collective commitment to addressing the pressing challenges of sustainable cooling.

Launch of National Cooling Action Plan in Türkiye

The Vice-President of the Turkish Directorate of Climate Change, Dr. Abdulkadir Bektaş, announced the launch of the first Turkish National Cooling Action Plan (NCAP) in Ankara on 7 June 2023, at a Thematic Group Meeting hosted by the Cool Up Programme and attended by key national stakeholders from policy, industry, and academia.