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Cooling Sector Prospects Study Egypt

The Cool Up Cooling Sector Prospects Study Egypt aims at developing one current trend and three mitigation prospects with different alternatives for transition. Its objectives include creating an understanding of possible sustainable development pathways for the air conditioning (AC) sector and the commercial refrigeration sector the basis for the development of policy and finance measures.

Regulatory Analysis Egypt

Egypt has progressed on the commitments relevant to the Montreal Protocol through the implementation of several relevant programs, laws, and other policy instruments. Different policy instruments governing the refrigeration and air conditioning sector in Egypt were analysed. The Regulatory Analysis of the Cool Up programme outlines this important progress as well as opportunities that can guide the transition towards sustainable cooling and natural refrigerants use in Egypt.

Catalogue of Technical Solutions for Sustainable Cooling in Egypt

This report on the Technical Solutions for Sustainable Cooling in Egypt of the Cool Up programme provides information about options for sustainable cooling in Egypt. The report addresses stakeholders from different sectors, such as policy makers and financing bodies but it also addresses planners, manufacturers and everyone who is interested. The key intention is to facilitate the uptake of sustainable cooling in Egypt with specific focus on air conditioning and commercial refrigeration.

Cooling Sector Status Report Egypt

Egypt has one of the highest electricity consumption growth rates in the world. Cooling is a substantial part of the country’s electricity demand and is expected to grow as average temperatures continue to rise. There is limited data and market studies on the current state of the cooling sector in Egypt. The Cooling Sector Status Report aims to rectify this on residential and non-residential air conditioning and commercial refrigeration. The report provides an overview of the cooling sector in Egypt by laying the foundation for understanding upscaling sustainable cooling technologies potential in the country and the use of natural refrigerants as an alternative to harmful synthetic refrigerants.

Thematic group meetings of Egypt stakeholders in 2021

In 2021 Cool Up organised and executed its first round of thematic group meetings in Egypt with relevant stakeholders in the policy, technology, market and finance space. The aim of the virtual meetings was to introduce stakeholders to the Cool Up programme, as well as garner insights on the barriers and opportunities around upscaling sustainable cooling in Egypt. Read more about the meetings.